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How the car overtakes a bike when both are travelling at a same speed?

I want to know how the car overtakes a bike even when both are traveling at a same speed.I will put my question in a easier way.

Ex:A bike and car travels at 60mph starting at the same point and time . My question is whether both will reach 60miles after one hour simultaneously?. I know obviously car will reach faster than bike. Whats the reason behind this ??

Kindly answer my question.

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7 Responses to “How the car overtakes a bike when both are travelling at a same speed?”

  1. lithiumdeuteride said :

    If two objects travel along the same path at the same speed, and they start at the same time, they will arrive at any point on that path at exactly the same time.

    This is universally true. It makes no difference what the two objects are. Bike, car, plane, bullet, or tennis ball – if they travel the same path at the same speed and start at the same time, they will always arrive at the same time.

  2. Duke O said :

    Are you asking why the car accelerates faster than the bike?
    It’s because the car’s engine has a lot more power than the legs of the biker. The car is likely to have over 100 horse power while the biker doesn’t even have 1. Not to mention the torque difference… The car is easily 100x more powerful than the biker.

  3. ion said :

    Actually, the guy on the bicycle produces more torque than many cars. Certainly more than any motorcycle

    As for the guy that asked the question…

    I think you’ve got the definitions of distance, speed and acceleration all jumbled up.

    If the car and the bike are both traveling at 60MPH, neither one will get there first. They’ll be side by side the whole time.

  4. BRIAN L said :

    A car overtakes a bike when they r traveling at a same speed…. the torque acting on the car makes it turn better and move faster…… the capacity of the engine is also important…..

  5. bulbmusic5 said :

    If you assume that both the car and bike travel at 60 mph the whole time, with no acceleration, then neither should overtake the other. However, bikes can’t go that fast; even Tour de France averages about 25 mph, with absolute sprints topping out around 40.

  6. tomd1980 said :

    They start off together, they travel the same distance at the same speed. Of course they will arrive together simultaneously.

    There must be some variable you have missed out

  7. Lindsey Kupres said :

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