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What is a stylish yet appropriate sports motorcycle for a 5’10 woman just learning to ride?

I am considering buying a sports motorcycle for street riding, not racing. So far I look the look of the Honda CBR bikes, but I have not seen a lot of bikes and have just started looking. I want a motorcycle that is respectable and not “girlie” but not too powerful or hard to handle either. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

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6 Responses to “What is a stylish yet appropriate sports motorcycle for a 5’10 woman just learning to ride?”

  1. Keshaun said :

    600cc and lower

  2. Jack P said :

    Too dangerous, get a car.

  3. kory d said :

    A Kawi Ninja 250 or a Suzuki SV650. The former will cost you about $5000 brand new including gear, and actually handles very well, is very light, and won’t throw you off if you twitch. The latter would be around $9000 new including gear. I highly HIGHLY recommend buying a used motorcycle and taking a MSF course.

    After you get some experience on the road, you’ll want to move up to a bigger bike (600cc for almost everyone).

  4. FlashDarkness said :

    SV650 is an excellent idea. Not too big or too heavy, not too much expensive plastic to break if you drop it, insurance shouldn’t be bad, and you won’t “outgrow” it as you become more skilled.

  5. snoopygirl said :

    You can start out on any 600cc sport bike. Just take it easy until you get more experienced, they are fast bikes.

    I strongly recommend you take a riders course.

  6. jackthesetter said :

    Consider a supermoto. You’d look very stylish stuffing the average joe rider in a corner. The Yamaha WR250X supermoto looks like a blast. Plus, the bike is fairly comfortable and easy to ride.

    Not sure if you’ve looked in this direction, but for first bike, it would be a blast. Also it’s great for around town use.


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