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What is the best motorcycle to buy for me?

Im looking at a Honda F4I 2003-2006 or a Yamaha Rg 2003-2006. This will be my first motorcycle, I’m a begineer and I’m looking for the best bike that comines both the street and touring fuctions.

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5 Responses to “What is the best motorcycle to buy for me?”

  1. trueno16v said :

    Honda Shadow VLX 600 is a great starter bike

  2. pearlblackharley said :

    well depends on what you are after in learning actually
    i started on total dirt bikes and learnt alot of control there, and what was what in ruling the bike rather than the bike ruling me, and given modern drivers of cars it can be really important also. you could learn how to fall in a lay down, how to jump how to rule the bike in a wheel stand without the street burn in the dirt and without severe dr bills and have fuun to boot. i chased rabbits on dirt bikes we never caught one but you learn what controlling it is and it not controlling you is so whe you decide to hit the street a half sighted driver wont throw you into heart failure by stopping directly in frnt of you and staying there while you slide down the street anyway, and loosing skin the whoile time anyway

  3. Jim M said :

    Watch the budget close.

  4. ericbrog said :

    The Honda CBR and R6 have no touring function. I own a 99 GSXR 750 and 02 Triumph Speed Triple. After about an hour of straight riding on the GSXR your back and butt will get sore. Also after and hour, your hands will start to go numb, and you will have to let go and relax your hand for a minute. My Triumph on the other hand, I can ride all day with no problems. It has the aggressive look of the CBR’s and such, but the seating position is more upright and comfortable. The Triumph also comes with a much cooler single sided swing-arm.
    As a beginner rider you shouldn’t be looking for something that new. Your ARE going to drop the bike. You will most likely drop if a few times. Plastics cost a ton to replace. Your better of with a older “streetfighter” bike. That way when you dump it, and you will dump it, it won’t cost you thousands to replace the plastics.
    If you were real smart you start out on a dirt bike.

  5. MrZip said :

    both are good bikes,but i would go with honda,never lets you down,can not tear it up,


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