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What is the appropriate tip for a motorcycle deliverer?

My dad bought a motorcycle in New York.
He found a good transporting company that would bring it down south to Georgia (where we live)
The guy just called our house saying he will be here within 45 minutes.
I was just wondering what the appropriate tip is for the guy that is delivering my dad’s new motorcycle.
Thanks guys!

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4 Responses to “What is the appropriate tip for a motorcycle deliverer?”

  1. Jonathan said :

    I dont want to sound like a stiff, but if you had a commercial bike mover bring it down, no tip is necessary. If you hired someone and they took good care of your bike I.E. cleaned it up really well before delivery, a 20 should suffice.

  2. Joe said :

    No tip, let him do his job.

  3. Rugie said :

    It’s a tip…give him what you think he deserves. If he is very helpful, a $20 should be fine. I wouldn’t tip more than $50.

  4. molitor said :

    20-50. Should do it. To those non tippers. PFFFFT. Freakin cheapskates.


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