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What is a good motorcycle for young motorcyclists?

I am 14 and I want to get a motorcycle. What is a good, easy to ride, safe, motorcycle for beginners?

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18 Responses to “What is a good motorcycle for young motorcyclists?”

  1. Arse B said :

    Dirt bike. Honda, Yamaha. KTM is waaaaaay too hot for someone inexperienced. Don’t think for one second that they are “safe”. You have to ride safe to be safe.

  2. just_ine_credible said :

    You’re too young to drive any motor vehicle. Sorry. You’re just going to have to wait.

  3. American___Brit said :


  4. minn j said :

    Harley…No helmet…No gloves…Just ride

  5. dan4knee said :

    Honda makes good beginner bikes if you are 14 you might want to get a 100cc or an 85 racing bike

  6. Samantha L said :

    See your too young to ride a motercycle…and plus there very dangerous..there will be no motercyle for you since your too you young. People i know have been killed on them things. So If you wouldnt plesae dont ride a motercycle

  7. nightprowler said :

    check out some small dirt bikes,make sure an experienced driver teaches you they can be alot of fun ,but dangerous as well ,good luck and ride hard

  8. Tatorbug said :

    Are you talking a street bike or a dirt bike? All motorcycles are as dangerous as the next. It’s the driver that makes the difference. Have you got any experience at all? Besides these questions that you need to answer it is very important that the bike (NO MATTER WHAT KIND) must fit your body. Your legs should be long enough that if you need to stop and put your foot down you are able to reach it! Also watch out for power bands because these can kick in and toss an inexperienced rider right off the bike.

  9. monamarie said :

    Honda CRF 230. Not too powerfull for beginner but will take you on anything!

  10. Robert L said :

    I started riding when I was 7 years old on a Suzuki trail hopper 50. I would suggest you start with a small mini bike and see if can you find a riding course to attend. it just may save your life. if you ride you will wreck it what you learn in a safe riders course is how to avoid problems and how to fall if an accident can not be avoided until you turn 21 in most states a helmet is mandatory. I have had a helmet save my life and i have also been in a wreck where my neck would most likely have been broken had i been wearing a helmet. it is a very fun activity but know that it can be deadly. always respect the machine

  11. taffscott1 said :

    All of the major metric motorcycle manufacturers produce bikes for young riders. The key is, training. This not only applies to actual riding time with an instructor but also includes some serious reading time. Although the Twist of the Wrist books speak to an adult audience, I consider them to be invaluable to riders of all ages. The books can be purchased at major book retailers and via mail order. That said, contact for information concerning rider training, (on their bikes no less!) At a minimal cost you will be instructed by certified riders on how to handle that future bike of yours. As a footnote, Daddy is not always the best instructor. He may in fact have more bad riding skills than he realizes regardless of years on the road. Best Wishes and enjoy the experience!

  12. Matt D said :

    A car as motorcycles are so dangerous.

    Q: What do Surgeons call motorcyle riders?

    A: Organ Donors…..Boom Boom

  13. Max P said :

    You have to use a little caution here because what you can ride depends on your skill level and the amount of bike you can handle.

    If you are extremely short for your age, you’ll need a physically shorter bike. I would suggest you look into the Honda dirt bikes – such as a 75cc or 100cc.

    If you’re tall for your age, you might consider a 125cc. My wife’s first bike was a Honda NX125 (do a Google search for it). Nice looking bike with a top speed of about 45 MPH but that’s about as fast as it’ll go.

    I’m not going to lecture you on danger – just keep in mind that a smaller bike (like a 75cc or 100cc) can hurt or kill you just as easily as a larger bike.

    Start with a smaller bike and work you’re way up. Part of motorcycling is understanding how a bike handles and the finese it takes to control them – it’s not all about speed or size.

    Have you ever considered getting a scooter?

    If you are good on a bicycle that certainly helps but you should take a MSF course.

  14. wiseassmedic said :

    Honda Rebel 250. good learners bike and they hold their resale very well

  15. bluffmike said :

    You will be limited to riding a bike under a certain horsepower, depending on where you live. The 100cc Honda might work for you. I know a lady who started out on one.

  16. G0tM1Ik said :

    Ok a motorcycle..
    Im sure you are talking about a dirtbike… In that case a yz85 sounds about good… Let me warn you though NO MOTORCYCLE IS SAFE…

    Its pretty easy after you learn the gears… Its fun as well.. Costs some money though hope you have it… Dont forget though that you wont be safe on any 2 wheel vehicle.. So be prepared to fall.. Just dont forget to wear all your gear since you are a beginner..Helmet, gloves, elbow pads, chest guard, knee pads and boots….

  17. cybrbikr750 said :

    If your tall enough look for a used enduro (on road and off road) 350cc or under. Practice off road until your old enough to take your permit test. Definately take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses in your area. Take all three courses from beginning to advanced. The knowledge from these courses will save your life someday. Also always wear a full face helmet, protective gear, and always make sure your bike is well maintained. Especially tires, brakes, and chain.

  18. BuelliganXB12STX said :

    I would recommend you start out off-road. Take a dirt bike riders safety course and ride with a parent if possible. My first bike was a Honda XR80 when I was about your age. Also, wear your safety gear (at least full face helmet, eye protection, gloves, and boots) every time you ride without fail.

    Remember when you get older and get a road bike that despite your dirt experience you’ll still need to take a safety course designed to teach road bike skills and take your time learning on the back roads for a while. Road bikes are a little different animal. Your dirt experience will help you learn faster, but not directly apply to a road bike necessarily.

    To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t even think about riding a motorcycle in traffic until you’ve had years of experience driving a car. Little mistakes on a bike can get you killed, so be a good driver before you start riding. That way you’ll at least be comfortable with being on the road and have a little traffic experience. Be safe out there and use your head.


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