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Is a motorcycle a good option to save on gas?

I am considering on purchasing a motorcycle to commute back and forth to work. It is a 30 minute drive each way on mostly interstate roads. My intention is to reduce my fuel consumption. Is a motorcycle a good way to reduce fuel consumption or should I consider other options? Thanks.

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18 Responses to “Is a motorcycle a good option to save on gas?”

  1. caldacow said :

    A motorcycle is a fantastic way to reduce fuel use, but unless your driving a really long way on a regular basis, the initial cost of the motorcycle and gear will trump anything your saving on gas. If you really enjoy it it can make commuting fun and cheap, but for most people they don’t realize you can’t just hop on a bike and go somewhere. You have to plan with the weather (No Rain) and you have to put on all kinds of special clothes. Good luck and have fun, I recommend you see if you like biking before you buy.

  2. Big Rand said :

    Yes its a good way but watch out for idiots that cut in front of you.

  3. BELLE said :

    good on gas but too dangerous
    my husband and I ride harleys on the week-ends so I am not against bikes
    I just think it is too dangerous in rush hour type traffic everyday
    people are in a hurry and don’t pay attention
    I would consider a different option

  4. shawn c said :

    id say definetly yes. im getting a motorcycle this spring so i have one to commute to college. they have way better gas mileage than cars and cost a fraction of the price.

  5. amir k1 said :

    yes but take care

  6. BV500 said :

    Yes, but be carefull. I never pay attention about gas price when using motorcycle for work or recreation. Make sure you have all protection before hop on the bike. Good luck.

  7. Badger Fan said :

    If you live in an area where you can expect good weather most of the time, then, a motorcycle may not be too bad of an idea. But, if you don’t really want to deal with weather in one fashion or another, why not consider a hybrid? You’d be covered. You’d have ac and heat. You can get about 40 mpg on some of the best hybrids.

  8. Tom B said :

    you are not saving money on gas if you consider the price you paid for the motorcycle.
    you buy a motorcycle for the fun of riding, cause you want one, cause you always dreamed of owning one, you love the feel of the open road, the wind in your face, the freedom, the thrill of going fast and knowing your in control of your bike.
    first you buy a motorcycle cause you love riding motorcycles
    second when you save money on gas, thats the topping on the cake!

  9. SID said :

    some what of a good answer Tom B, thats what i was going to point out if you shell out a couple of thousands for a bike did you save anything , like when your tank holds four gallons and you drive around to save 5 cents a gallon wow you saved 20 cents

  10. Russian CBR said :

    i ride 600rr in LA traffic…. and i bur about 25 mpg :))) just because i cant let off the throttle :)))))

  11. gscott1500 said :

    maybe. It is possible to compute the gas mileage of a bike against you current ride.

    You got to figure in the cost of the machine, insurance, safety course, accessories, etc., and the miles you will travel/cost saving as per the first part.

    Never forget the priceless part, though, of scrubbing in a tire and kickin’, or pullin up at yer fav cafe and having a hee haww with yer mates. sheer priceless.

  12. crash said :

    in theory you could use less gas, but in practice you will find excuses to ride whenever you have the time. for example you will ride over to see your friends instead of talking to them on the phone, you will go out for a ride instead of watching some boring TV show,you will ride somewhere for lunch instead of eating a sandwich at your desk or in the shop & on lovely warm days in the spring & fall you will take off work to go riding. some days you will take a new long way home & your wife will get suspicious because your late too many times & divorce you. you start out innocently trying to save on gas but you end up burning more gas on uneccessary trips& it will ruin your life.
    ESCAPE WHILE YOU STILL CAN,DONT BECOME LIKE US because if you do you’ll just be one more guy I have to wave at & my arm is getting tired now.

  13. Firecracker said :

    If your only interest is to reduce fuel use, you should consider other options.
    Riding a motorcycle can be economical.
    Once I bought an old motorcycle to ride instead of commuting 45 minutes in my 10mpg pickup. It paid for itself in fuel savings in less than a year. I was already a rider, and this is not typical. I got a good deal on a bike nobody else the seller knew could tune. If I had been smarter about it, I could have saved myself half what I paid. Either way, it was still a dirt cheap, sweet ride.

    crash isn’t being really extreme, either. I got divorced for other reasons, but the rest holds true.

  14. Dangermanmi6 said :

    only if you live in a place where you can ride it all year long otherwise it is just fun transportation. I can’t ride my bike for about 6 months of the year and I push the season at both ends by the time you factor in the cost of the bike, insurance, helmet, jacket and up keep that will buy you an awful lot of gas for that money. Right now we are having the energizer bunny of winters it just keeps going and going and going, by this rate it will be august by the time I get my bike out.

  15. Mighal62 said :

    I use less than half the fuel in my bike than in my car.

  16. Augydoggy said :

    I have been primarily getting around on a motorcycle for the past 10 years so I can speak with a little bit of knowledge here:

    DON”T DO IT.

    1.) I doubt that you will save any money on gas because purchasing the motorcycle, accessories, special clothing etc., will negate any gas savings for many years to come.

    2.) I have nearly been killed several times by inconsiderate automobile drivers that pull right in front of me. For some reason, other motorists don’t see motorcyclists or they just don’t care if they kill one – lately I think it is the latter.

    3.) Riding a motorcycle is addictive and after awhile you will be hooked and won’t be able to give it up. I have been in a couple of accidents and have been hurt pretty good, but I keep on riding. I am at the point where I can’t seem to quit.

    4.) One day I will probably die on my bike – it won’t be my fault, but that of some teenage girl, old man, or some jerk that is just in too big of a hurry and they will take me out with their car.

    These points come from someone that loves to ride a motorcycle and is pretty good at it – remember that.

  17. Panda N said :

    yes its much more gas friendly but more dangerous. id its just to work go with the motercycle

  18. Cher Dilorenzo said :

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  19. Tana Dammann said :

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