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What is a fast car that is in a relativley low insurance group?

Hi i’m looking for a car which is fast but not that high in insurance i have 4 year NCB but i’m only 23 and have already got 2 smashes under the belt and a speeding ticket i’m currently looking at a ford cougar 2.5 which is group 14 insurance but i have own one of these before but was just wondering if there is a faster car then this that is lower then group 15 insurance i live in the uk can anyone help.

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13 Responses to “What is a fast car that is in a relativley low insurance group?”

  1. Amanda D said :


  2. hakimhusein said :


  3. Follow the white rabbit. said :

    Nissan Maxima.

  4. Greengranny said :

    At your age with 2 smashes under your belt and a speeding ticket I suggest you do the people who live in your area a favor and buy a slow car, it might be safer for other drivers.

  5. Vanjka said :

    VW EOS 2. TDI, I have one of these. It’s sexy and it can fly. Also check out confused .com about the insurance rates.

  6. Are you ready for WWIII? said :

    tuned GSXR-750

    if you wanna go “real” fast

  7. UK Dad said :

    Something old enough to attract classic car insurance.
    At 23 with such a poor record this may not be easy.
    You may have to drive a low performance car until you learn to stay safe.

  8. ghm said :

    The ford cougar takes 8.2 seconds to 60 and is insurance group 15 but a C2 VTS will do it in 8 seconds and is only group 8 insurance. I personally prefer the looks of the cougar but as the the C2 is 7 insurance groups less it might be worth a look. They also do a 1.5 turbo (petrol) mitsibishi colt, again it is not as ‘pretty’ as the cougar but will make 60 in 7,2 seconds and is group 13 insurance.

    Try this website it tells you 0-60, BHP and Insurance groups

    hope this helps

  9. J G said :

    Firstly, I would say that if you’ve had two accidents & an endorsement for speeding, perhaps you should think about the way you drive rather than what you drive.
    Secondly, speed is relative. The Ford Cougar isn’t fast, and doesn’t handle well for a car marketed as a ‘sports car’ – as with most mainstream cars, it uses family hatchback drivetrain & chassis technology. Having said that, it will do 140mph – what on earth would you want a faster car for? The ability to do these sort of straight line speeds in an overweight, stodgy car is lethal – you’d probably have more fun in a car of half the size & power with decent handling. Try a Mazda MX-5, or if you want a bigger car, any diesel BMW – a 320d with the 2 litre engine is quicker, better handling, far more economical, more reliable & far better built than another Cougar by a mile.

  10. Mohsan S said :

    u wanna buy a 2.5 cougar. what the point you have been in 2 smashes and a speeding ticket. you should buy a cheap car so if you smash it again it won’t damage your wallet so much. u need to change your driving style coz u been in 2 accident and a fine

  11. rogersdavid said :

    You are obviously a crappy driver – I wouldn’t insure you…period.

    But as you are determined to ‘go fast’…cavalier 3.0 Turbo (about 240bhp)…DIRT cheap to insure as it’s ‘old’…cheap to buy and it WILL surprise people who just see a ‘normal’ car.

  12. Benjamin F said :

    some of the sportier Mazda’s & Hondas can prove to be a reasonable bet on insurance premiums, but its the age old problem – you aint going to get a ‘fast’ car with small insurance premiums they just dont go together even if you were older with a clean record its still going to be reasonably high. Cougar’s are rubbish, thought about a the Puma? Okay so its based on the fiesta but its a good car with not bad handling and not bad insurance.

  13. C7S said :

    Look for a car not many people have.
    More example, the new Ford Taurus or 500 has the cheapest insurance because no one buys that car so the accident rates on that car are low.


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