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What car rental companies are inside fort lauderdale airport?

And who is the cheapest? We need to rent two car seats with the car

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3 Responses to “What car rental companies are inside fort lauderdale airport?”

  1. Yo_is_it_420_yet said :

    Alamo, 800-462-5266, Level 2
    Avis, 800-331-1212, Level 3
    Budget, 800-527-0700, Level 4
    Continental, 800-221-4085, Level 3
    Dollar, 800-800-4000, Level 4
    Enterprise, 800-325-8007, Level 4
    E-Z Rent A Car, 800-277-5171, Level 4

    plus there is more….u can compare rates on the website

  2. Mark said :

    none,all the cars been jacked by people with towels on there head claiming they oun them.

  3. perryinjax said :

    Call the airport and ask them…then do THIS;

    Call that company’s 1-800# and reserve the absolute cheapest piece of crap they rent….then when you arrive at the location you can upgrade to a the best most luxurious car they have available sitting on the lot not making a dime for them…and get this… for whatever the staffer on duty is willing to let it go for.$1 more…..$2 more….as this is the only way the agents make any money…they can rent it to you for one penny more if they want to….it is all a matter of what that employee thinks it will take to get you to do the upgrade…this is the only way those people make any money…is to talk the budget compact renters into an upgrade…and they can do it AT THEIR DISCRETION…in other words … can easily get into a nice huge luxury for a few extra bucks…because he is only making minimum wage and he gets two thirds of whatever the upgrade charge is. My sis worked at one, and I have paid compact rate yet drove away in a Lincoln town car every time I travel…every since she worked at one for a month and told me how they operate..
    I just let the whole world in on a valuable secret!
    I hope there will be no repercussions…….
    If anything happens to me…it was the car rental people that were behind it! It will have been a rental car conspiracy! Avenge me!


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