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Where do car insurance companies get your driving record in CA?

I hit a guys bumper while driving a company car a couple of years ago and I thought he filed a claim but the company took care of it and I never heard about it again. I’m getting car insurance and I pulled my driving record from the DMV and all I have is a seatbelt violation but no accidents. Is there another database somewhere that insurance companies will check or is it just your DMV record? Maybe this all got settled without insurance intervention and I dont’ want to pay higher fees if its not necessary. Am I in the clear?

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6 Responses to “Where do car insurance companies get your driving record in CA?”

  1. Terry G said :

    It’s the DMV they will check. If you were not cited a couple of years ago, then it would not be on your DMV record. You should be fine as long as you were not cited.

  2. always an opinion said :


  3. Curtis R said :

    they just use the dmv

  4. UwishUknewMyName said :

    The only way a ticket or accident is reported on your driving record (obtained from the DMV) is if you were found guilty and convicted of the violation. Then that goes on your driving record.

    If a claim is made with the insurance company, and they have your information, a submission will be made ot the National Insurance Claims Database.

    Basically what that is, is the insurance company enters your info, your vehicle info, date/time of accident, etc.
    When you apply for new insurance, your agent can search thru the database and see if you had any prior claims.

    If you did and it wasnt submitted ot the database, and you don’t tell the agent, and its not on your driving record, well then i guess no one will ever have to know!

  5. Scott H said :

    Was a citation issued at the time of the accident? If not, it won’t show up in the MVD. The insurance industry also has something similar to a credit report, called the CLUE report that lists past property and casualty claims made by you. That is used as well in determining your insurability.

  6. Insuranceman said :

    Insurance companies get wreck info from CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) – more companies run CLUE Reports than MVRs! They are more informative!

    Good luck and I hope this helps!


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