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What are some books that can give me a basic understanding car repair and restoration?

Ok, so I’m only 16, but I’ve recently taken something of an interest in fixing and restoring cars. I realize pretty much every model is built differently, but are there any books that I could read that could give a basic understanding of how they are built and repaired in general? Thanks!

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One Response to “What are some books that can give me a basic understanding car repair and restoration?”

  1. thesloaneranger said :

    its great to hear someone young interested in restoration! nice one! 🙂

    haynes publish a great range of books, covering all sorts of things which can help you. there are marque-specific restoration manuals as well as more generic ones such as bodywork repair and autoelectrics. these can be picked up very cheaply from ebay.

    another good book to read is hilliers fundementals of motor vehicle technology. its very heavy and quite technical, but is filled with everything you could ever need to know as to how each system in a car operates. i was given this book when i studied motor vehicle repair at college so it cant be bad!

    go to your local second hand book shop and see what there is though – theres plenty of books that were printed explaining how a car works and how they go together that are not totally relevant to modern cars, but for classics they can be invaluable, especially when talking about things like carbs and dynamos.

    good luck and i hope you enjoy your future projects! x


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