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What is the ugliest car on the road is there anything worse than the Nissan Cube?

On Holiday recently i saw what i believed was the most pug ugly car i’ve ever seen the Nissan Cube ! unbelivable not like the old eastern european cars that were horrible this car is ment to look awfull anyone know of a worse car today ?

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23 Responses to “What is the ugliest car on the road is there anything worse than the Nissan Cube?”

  1. iraeblood said :

    I think the Honda Element was made out of a giant robot’s barf, myself.

  2. bolavo said :

    fiat panda perhaps or renault megane yuk

  3. StingRay said :

    The new Honda Civic.

  4. Wednesday said :

    Fiat Berlingo. No car can beat it, unless it is one of those tuned chav cars, they are even worse.

  5. merlin said :

    VW golf

  6. Nuttybrunett said :

    This may be before your time but to me it was the pacer and the vega.

  7. Big Daddy said :

    Gets my vote

  8. kriss k said :

    not a new one but threes been many f ups in the past with car but i think you’ve hit the nail on the head its fugley its that bad if i saw one on the road coming towards me i would happily drive my loved fto in to it just so i never have to see it again after all you must have seen the only one i don’t think threes more then 1 person stupid neath to by 1 not with wost out there for that money if you can afford a new car by 1 that you half a chance to sell when your Bord come on who want a cube did the designer lose the will to live half way though design it if you see him shoot do use all a favour don’t let do it again if you don’t want to kill him just brake hes hands so he cant draw sorry i love my car as if they were my kids and i had 1 that ugly it would be on eBay some people will buy any thing.

  9. Hakem said :
  10. kavekarst said :

    Dodge trucks since the big front grill band of chrome gives
    vehicle a pig snout. The over-bloated body continues piggy
    rearward. Building the big cab extension was all porky too.
    This swine has hefty fuel bill for every customer who enjoys swill time. There is cheaper bacon elsewhere. Tha-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-s all, folks.

  11. not_ON_the_CRAK ;) said :

    i think the chrysler pt cruiser is butt ugly. heres a pic to prove it

  12. mrjones550 said :

    The Nissan Versa gets my vote as well. Looks too much like the Nissan Quest minivan.

  13. KeepingItUnderMyHat said :

    Those ugly Chryslers look quite awful, and certain Fiats look like they have been in a crash even if they haven’t.

  14. dick said :


    the Smart car

  15. SnoddersB said :

    All the Chelsea tractors built by companies other than Land Rover, and that before Ford bought them.

  16. cadfael9798 said :

    Fiat Multipla

  17. Steven C said :

    some people like to make there car even uglier than how it started

  18. Colin M said :

    I’d agree with the Chrysler PT Cruiser. Looks like a hearse.

    Or the Nissan Qashqai – it looks like someone jacked it up and shoved some plastic underneath it. Shame really, quite a good car.

  19. planeenglish said :

    The Chevrolet El Camino, hands down, the El Camino has an identity crisis and has had since its birth; not a car, not a truck. People see them and throw trash in the bed saying that they are mobile trash cans. These “truck -like cars” are gender confused and I fear that its mother, the engineers of this …errr…vehicle, is unable to understand this seeing that there are whispers of reviving it. Then, to make things worse, they modelled it after the second ugliest car the Chevrolet Chevelle.
    The El Camino is labelled a “muscle car”. Naturally, you would have to have muscles to defend yourself from all the ridicule you receive whilst owning it.
    The pacer is also one of the ugliest cars of all time, and possibly the most inexplicable.

  20. Paddy B said :

    Any 4 x 4 or SUV is ugly. They show the contempt of their owners for the environment. Perhaps the owners are even uglier than their cars!

  21. edgarl said :

    The new Dodges and Chryslers now imported into the UK,

  22. so i sleep a lot said :

    Moskavitch oh dear tragic

  23. george d said :

    Deffo the Ford Ka. 1st time I saw 1 I wanted 2 jump out of my truck & stamp all over it ! I still do after all these years, also the Wartburg Isabella, Nissan Qashqai, ‘new’ Honda Civic Dodge Caliber


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