How do I change a spark plug & distributer cap ?

Most car manufacturers recommend regular distributor caps and spark plug wire change. The distributor cap is used for the distributing electrical charges to the wires of the spark plug from the ignition coil. If the wires and distributor cap wire may cause the efficiency to drop, lead to misfires and decrease fuel economy. The good thing is that it is very easy to do the task.

There are some tasks in car maintenance that requires advance tools and knowledge, but almost anyone can change the distributor caps and spark plug wires. The only thing that you need in doing the task is a Phillips screwdriver, white labels, marking pen and a scotch tape. Make sure that the engine is cold before you perform the task.

If you do not know what your car’s distributor cap and spark plug wires look like, an automotive store can check it for you. You could just give your cars model and they could look it out for you or you can order online. The advantage in ordering parts online is that you can see the picture of the parts and compare it with the ones in your car to be sure.

First, you have to unscrew the distributor cap without removing any spark plug wires. Check the orientation of the cap and put a note on the top of the cap. You will also see an extra wire that runs through the ignition coil. You can also unplug it; leaving the other end still attached to the coil and tape a note on it. Now, you can unscrew the cap and lift the distributor. Look for the rotor, grip the distributor and pull it straight up. Check the hallow rotor stem and put the new part before pushing it down. Now, you can place the new cap, but make sure to check the orientation, replace the screws and tighten.

From the old cap, remove the single wire. Most of the time, the wires are numbered; just get the corresponding number from the new ones. Install the wires on the spark plug by firmly pushing it down until you hear a snap. Attach the new wires in the cap following any rubber brackets that hold the wires along the way. Finally, attach the new ignition coil wire by simply replacing the one you just tagged.

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