How can I change my car’s oil ?

It is very easy to change car oil; all you need are the right tools and materials that you can get in almost any auto shops. The best thing about changing the car’s oil yourself is saving around fifteen to forty dollars if you do it on your own.

To change you car oil, you will need an oil filter, oil, car jack, socket wrench with the correct socket size, and oil removal tool. You can also get a manual about the exact filter and oil you need for your car make and model.

First, prepare all the necessary tools and make sure to cool your car and jack it high enough to work comfortably underneath. You can use ramps or jack stand, but a normal scissor jack can also do the task. Get underneath your car and find the drain plug. You can easily find it; it will be the only bolt on a flat pan. You may find it hard to loosen, but it is just for the first turn and you can easily loosen it by hand afterwards. Make sure to position your oil pan to catch the old oil before you finish loosening the plug.

After completely draining the oil, insert the plug back and securely tighten it. Next, fin your oil filter. Normally, oil filters are located underneath the car near the oil pan, but sometimes it is under the hood. Remove the filter with the removal tool and pull it out. Replace it with the new oil filter and secure it back in by hand or the tool.

After successfully installing the new oil filter, you can release the jack and lower the car down. Find the reserve cap of the oil, it is located under the hood and remove it, and fill it up with new oil, the amount would depend on the make or model of the car. Then, close the car’s hood after replacing the cap and you are good to go. Remember to take measures on proper disposal of the old oil.

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