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Why wont my car start after sitting for a few months?

I never drive my car in the winter, its not a great winter car. My husband just does the driving. A few months ago the car happened to need some muffler work anyway, so we figured that we could wait on those repairs until spring. They aren’t huge repairs. Anyhow, we went to get the car towed to the garage today, and it wouldn’t even start. Why? I know it sat for about 4 winter months, but how can this problem be fixed?

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4 Responses to “Why wont my car start after sitting for a few months?”

  1. Dave87gn said :

    The battery is dead

  2. meggie said :

    you have to get out and drive it once and a while

  3. Y/A™ said :

    hopefully you disconnected the battery while it sat..

    if not,
    thats most likely the problem

  4. Michael S said :

    You have to take the battery to the auto parts store and they will put it on a charger for you. The computer, clock and preset radio stations all use up the battery when it’s just sitting and not running.
    In the future when it sits, start it up every 4-5 days and let it run for at least 20 minutes.


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