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Who can offer me motorbike and sidecar insurance?

Apart from ‘Bikesure’, do you know of any companies that are offering motorbike and sidecar outfit insurance?

Any other advice gladly accepted.

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5 Responses to “Who can offer me motorbike and sidecar insurance?”

  1. mjallday_uk said :

    directline are pretty good

  2. MeMe said :

    try kwik fit or equity star.
    in my experience all insurers have always asked If my bike has a side car.

  3. MWNB said :

    Caroll Nash will also do motorbike and side car insurance. However, I have always found Bikesure to be the Best.

  4. Andrew13 said :

    m.c.e. insurance ( 0870 01 01 125 )

  5. jo58 said :

    go on the sidecar clbs web site , or get in touch with watsonian squire as they are sidecar makers /fitters they should have the name of the best company


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