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What can be done about mechanics cheating people when it comes to car repair?

I’m sure we’ve all heard stories about a repair shop taking someone for a ride. What can we do about this? Maybe Dateline can do a special series on this and go all across the country with hidden cameras.

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7 Responses to “What can be done about mechanics cheating people when it comes to car repair?”

  1. GOD said :

    i can tell ya murder is the only way to solve problems

  2. Joe S said :

    nothing cause that how they make a living.

  3. kryptonite dude dave said :

    nothing can really be done about it. if they charge you $1500 for a $150 job then tough luck….

  4. JOE H said :

    i work in a service department and i ask any customers that may have a question about what we may be doing do shop us and others before making purchase.. or maybe even get a 2nd opinion on what needs to be repaired..but if you go to (better business bureau) you can check to see what people have said about them… just go to some one you feel good with or word of mouth

  5. lightningfastfords said :

    yes they actually do this all the time , they just don’t do it enough, i was in the business for over 25 years and would get , say a vehicle after someone had charged the customer $500.00 for doing say brakes and all they had really done was took the wheels off and bent the brake sensors back so it would stop squealing, and people charged for new parts but never replaced them only they had either cleaned or painted them, it is against the law and anyone one doing this kind of work should be in jail and banned from ever doing repair work on a persons vehicle ever, i am with you on this in a big way, consumer affairs check these thing out but they are a small funded organization and cant do it alone , my old saying ,was Good Repair work goes along way, but bad work goes allot farther, great question, but also ask to for to see your old parts, when work is done there is a check box on the recipt that says does customer want old parts, and if un sure bring someone along that can tell you if these are realy what there charging you for

  6. mick said :

    Ask for an estimate before leaving car also demand to see all parts that were replaced.If they encounter any problems to contact you before carrying out any additional work.Also ask for their hourly rate charged.

  7. ekstreem81 said :

    i smell an independent documentary movie! lets get the guy who ate fastfood for a month!


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