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What kind of legal council would i need about car repair?

My boyfriend took his car to a shop to be fixed and they said it was the fuel pump. They supposedly fixed it but soon after the same problem occured. He returned it and they fixed it yet again..and just recently the same problem has occured. He returned it to them and they said that they replaced the fuel pump with a new one..wich was covered by the warranty..and that all he had to pay was the labor cost. He feels he shouldnt have to pay anything and is wondering if there are any legal actions he can take if necessary…and who should he call…what kind of legal council does he need?

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2 Responses to “What kind of legal council would i need about car repair?”

  1. Toodeemo said :

    This kind of violation is USUALLY handled by the attorney general/consumer protection branch of your state government, or the DMV. You probably do not need an attorney. Go to your state homepage and look for consumer protection. It will probably have a link to the proper agency for this kind of complaint.

  2. Gilbert W said :

    Take him to small claims court. Filed the papers and bring your receipts and warranty information on your court date. Done deal.


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