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Do you get mad when car repair people do unquestionable damage to your car and then won’t admit it?

I just returned from a Firestone tire center where I bought three new tires back on July 27 or 28. This is now August 10th. They didn’t have the tires in stock even though they are very popular tires for economy cars. So they had my car in their shop for 2 and one half days to put the tires on, and then when I get the car back, it squeaks around the wheels and shocks incessantly when you go over even the slightest ripple in the road. They had my car overnight last night and still no “cure”.My car is a 2002 vintage, and it squeaks like it’s a 1902 vintage that’s been sitting in a dusty old garage all this time and never been used. My temper got so bad that I had to come here to ask this question, simply to ask, are there others who feel as angry as I do when some repair person does your car wrong, and then you have to spend extra dollars and much more time and travel to get their abuse corrected?? I’m sorry if my temper offends anyone, but, professional incompetence just drills me
It’s the identical size and brand tire that I’ve had on it all along, so, that wouldn’t be it. They did inflate it to 34 pounds, which is 4 pounds above what I usually run it at, so tomorrow morning, 4 pounds is coming out, just to check.
I know the feeling k_reggie, just from reading your answer. And the worst part of it all is that I feel bad about being upset at them. Somehow there’s something “bassackwards” about all this. My favorite mechanic will be looking it all over Monday or Tuesday, August 12 or 13th, I hope, and all will be corrected then, at whatever price may befall me. And I was just reading my Bible, in Proverbs, Chapter 19, vs. 11, wherein it said, “The learning of a man is known by patience; and his glory is to pass over wrongs.” Hmmm. Am I being told to “cool my jets” and just accept the trial in the name of God, or am I being told those “individuals” at the Firestone dealership ain’t worth s–t, or both. Hmmm. Thanks k-reggie. God Bless you.

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3 Responses to “Do you get mad when car repair people do unquestionable damage to your car and then won’t admit it?”

  1. Fred C said :

    Well, there is nothing about putting tires on a car that would do that, unless you ordered a size larger than specified for your vehicle. Some vehicles don’t have a lot of clearance. My car is so tight I cannot even go one size wider on the front or the tires will rub. Mounting the correct size tires on the approved wheels has no effect on shocks, springs, brakes, or anything else, so you really have an uphill battle. Have another mechanic look at it, just look. It might cost you $10 but then you know absolutely for sure that something has been damaged, something has just plain worn out, or the tires are the problem.

  2. Jody D said :

    I always hate that and I pester them till they fix it.

  3. k_reggie said :

    Tell me about it. I left my Rover 600 series at a garage for repairs so I could send it for mot test. When I return to the garage after couple of hours later, I noticed the glass in the driver’s side door had sunk down. I couldn’t roll it up. When I questioned their boss about it he denied and said it was like that when I brought it to the garage. “but it was rolled up”, I said. He said yea but…………….

    The only good part of the whole situation was my car passed the mot test.


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