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How do you check your motorcycle oil level?

I have a glass circle, with a low and high point on my motorcycle engine, for checking oil level, and obviously the oil level has to be in between the two, and im quite sure this should be checked when the bike is fully stood up. But, im unsure whether this oil level should be checked when the motorcycle is running, or after it ran when the oil is hot, or after the oil is cooled down. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks alot.

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2 Responses to “How do you check your motorcycle oil level?”

  1. sparky said :

    Not running standing upright

  2. [email protected] said :

    Sparky is correct-NOT running, with the bike standing upright, or on a center stand or with a wood block under the side/kick stand to allow the bike to stand upright.

    Best to check when the oil is cold, first thing in the morn before you go for a ride, but can be checked anytime, provided you allow a few minutes for the oil to drain back down.


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