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What is a tune up ?

Every machine needs a certain amount of maintenance to keep its performance and prolong its life. A tune up is regular, scheduled check and preventative maintenance for a car. A regular tune up keeps a car’s performance and health to reach its maximum potential.

A tune up mostly includes updating of parts. There are car parts that needs to be changes to avoid causing your car to underperform if you fail to have It replaced, and may even cause bigger problems. For instance, replacements of air filters yearly could be of great help because dirty or damaged air filters cause less air for the engine to run properly and even cause other parts to fail.

Some maintenance is not included in a basic tune up, but can also be required. A regular tune up is an important part of car maintenance to ensure that the car’s system, such as fluid or oil level, breaks and clutch is working properly. If your car had a tune up in early summer or spring, might as well check the air conditioning system it haven’t been used in many months.

In new cars, spark plugs are often made in platinum, which has a longer life. Spark plugs, as well as the distributor cap and rotor does not have to be replaced every tune up because most modern cars were made with electronic ignition. Also check the shop or owner’s manual to determine what maintenance is needed for the tune up.

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