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What is the best motorcycle chain lubricant?

What is the best lube for motorcycle chains for on/off road bikes? On my bicycle and snowblower, I have always used full synthetic 20w-50 motor oil from an oil drip can. Other people have told me to use silicone, white lithium spray, bearing grease, or even that special “chain lube” which comes in a spray can. Should I just keep using motor oil or should I use one of the others I mentioned on my motorcycle?

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12 Responses to “What is the best motorcycle chain lubricant?”

  1. sexy lady said :

    I prefer to use the chain lube wax that comes in a spray can. It helps to collect the dirt rather than it getting on the chain, but keeps the chain lubricated at the same time.

  2. Qatari Intellectual said :

    clean and light oil, any kind is better than none

  3. hmmm... said :

    I like the spray “dry Lube” it does not fly off like oil will.

  4. Nick G said :

    The chain lube is your best bet. Companies spend millions of dollars to pay engineers to do research and development to make the best product for the given purpose. Motor oil compared to chain lube for example.

    The Chain lube has special additive package, friction modifiers for proper coefficient of friction, stronger corrosion and rust inhibitors than oil. lower calcium, magnesium and sodium (less detergents). No Alkylsuccinimides, alkylsuccinic esters (dispersants) so the containments that are on your chain will not be bonded(unlike motor oil which needs this). so the chain lube would keep your chain cleaner, but you spray/change it more often than motor oil, which should be no problem.

    Just use the chain lube is the best way i can put it

  5. canivieu said :

    Use chain lube. White lithium dose soak in to the chain.

  6. lepninja said :

    I’ve used heavy weight oil in the past but I think that the Belray brand Chain Lube cling to the chain better and lubricate longer. I believe it is white lithium based.

    One interesting type I’ve been intrested in trying is a Teflon brand:

  7. Neil S said :

    20W50 motor oil as a chain lubricant is better than nothing but not by much. The oil flicks off the chain too easily. I would recommend that you clean your chain thoroughly with a toothbrush and kerosene to remove old oil, dust, and grime, then allow it to fully dry. Get some chain-lube from a bike shop and READ THE DIRECTIONS on the can to apply it properly. Hope this helps.

  8. steplow33 said :

    For the best motorcycle chain lubricant, I would recommend you
    to use the ‘chain lube’ type which comes in a spray can. It’s
    easy to apply and quick to lubricate, thus you’ll be on your way
    in no time.
    If there’s no suitable lubricant around, you can still use any
    motor oil of 20w/50 type which will still do the job fine, but it
    may be a bit messy to apply. Remember, some form of
    lubricant to the motorbike chain is better than none if you only
    insist to use the best type which is not available.

  9. Firecracker said :

    20W50 is pretty thin.
    I have had very good luck with 80W90 gear oil. Don’t laugh, it’s the recommended chain lube for my Honda. Says so on the sticker. Except for the mess on the rear wheel when some flings off, it works very well. Probably because it should be done every 300 miles. Bar and chain oil works well too. Basically the same stuff with high tack additive to reduce fling. ( I only used it in the summer)
    Both seemed to work better than the spray can products available at the motorcycle shop. Bel-Ray seemed to be the best of those.
    There is a way to use grease, but I haven’t tried it yet. Too much trouble and mess.

  10. whysochilli said :

    rock oil do a very nice oil. I use it on my ducati. Don’t go cheap otherwise they trap dust and wear the links down.

  11. mechanic1980 said :

    Use can use Chain Wax or WD-40. Keep in mind that if the lube on the chain is too heavy, it can cause a very slight decrease in power

  12. Florentino Cardoni said :

    Let me start off by saying good post. Im not sure if it has been talked about, but when making use of Chrome I can by no means get the entire website to load without refreshing a large number of times. Could just be my personal computer. Thanks.


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