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How can I fit 6 meals a day in my schedule?

I am 14, and I want to start working out and being more fit. Anyways, with school, how can I fit 6 meals into my day?

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8 Responses to “How can I fit 6 meals a day in my schedule?”

  1. Jordan said :

    maybe snacks in between classes?

  2. Kecia Marie said :

    Snack on dries fruits and nuts inbetween meals and classes.

  3. mariz said :

    healthy snacks ..if u like for a snack

  4. irmagalvan1161 said :

    Eat a good breakfast first. Make two protein shakes and pack them in a little cooler that’ll fit into your locker. Have one mid morning break. Then eat a balanced lunch. Have shake #2 for next snack. Have a good dinner, then have a light protein shake or protein snack before bed. I sometimes boil up 2 oz. of frozen shrimp and eat them like popcorn. (Protein shakes or protein bars when you get bored and you will)

  5. mayday3374 said :

    i assume you already eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. thats 3 already taken care of.. the other three meals do not have to be very big.. consider them small meals or large healthy snacks.. before bed, you can eat a protein source to help keep your muscles growing while you sleep. a can of tuna w hotsauce provides 30 grams protein, no fat, no carbs.. you can have a 1/2 cup oatmeal with it and there you go.. meal number 4. also, instead of 1 lunch during school, have 2.. make a turkey sandwich on bread ( wheat is better, but white will do) along with a fruit.. this can be your second lunch to eat between classes or during a study hall or something. if you decide to get into protein shakes and such, you can count your post workout shake along with some simple carbs as meal number 6.. it doesnt have to be six big full meals.. the idea is to just provide nutrients to your body more frequently throughout the day so your body doesnt go hungry for extended periods.. if you try to cram 6 giant meals full of calories every day, you will not only get tired of eating, but you will put alot of unwanted fat weight on due to excess calorie intake.. hope this helps.. good luck

  6. jennylynn said :

    In the morning or the night before, pack snacks:

    bag of cut up veggies: carrots, celery, peppers, mushrooms, baby tomatoes, cucumbers.
    whole grain bread
    whole grain crackers
    celery w/ peanut butter

  7. Skittle said :

    i want to give you the answer but i think your too young. youll find out in a couple of years….

  8. jennifer K said :

    Keep bags of cut vegetables, cubed cheese, trail mix or apples with you. Really, when they say six meals, it really means more like six pretty big snacks.

    My mom has to eat several little meals a day. She takes a bento box with her all day and inside there’s a lot of things that start frozen and slowly thaw throughout the day. Usually a little container of egg or noodle salad, a bit of sausage and cheese, some fruits and nuts, and a half sandwich. Or a half bagel with a bit of peanut butter and banana slices.


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