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What are some ways to fit in drinking more water into a busy schedule?

I really want to start drinking more water. I drink maybe 1-2 bottles a day, and that’s it. I would like to get it up to about 7 a day. The only thing is, I’m constantly busy. I’m running everywhere all day. My schedule would allow for extra “potty” breaks either, so I’m at a loss. What are some ways to fit in drinking more water? Are there certain times of the day when your body needs more water than normal?

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30 Responses to “What are some ways to fit in drinking more water into a busy schedule?”

  1. ♥Q.O.N:LEAH♥ said :

    keep a bunch of water bottles in the trunk of ur car

  2. wildsnowcat said :

    when you’re done exercising and your b ody is cooling off, you need a lot of water

  3. pizzaman said :

    carry bottles in the car………….or bring extra bottles to work……

  4. rosa J said :

    one in handbag, one in car and a big refill bottle in boot!

  5. kat s said :

    Always have a water bottle close by. Carry it in your purse, have one on your desk, in the car, etc………

  6. timisoreanca said :

    I drink very much water. It is really good. Stop thinking about what makes you not to be able to drink water all day. Take a bottle (a little one) with you every time you go out!

  7. Daisie234 said :

    Just carry a bottle with you wherever you go, and replace soda with water in your diet.

  8. DaddyBoy said :

    You are too busy to drink water and go pee? Slow down…nothing is that important.

  9. Drew Carl said :

    Might be time to prioritize your health and habits.

  10. Alara R said :

    im surviving and i dont drink any water onli out of my food etc im addicted to pepsi max because i dont like water its horriblebut hey maybe that could be your new years resolution =]

  11. Anthony B said :

    water is tasteless… get some of that 0 cal flavored water. Then you’ll drink more and not even realize it. If you don’t have time to go to the bathroom in the day you need to take some things out of your day.

  12. ஐ♥Vanessa♥ஐ said :

    I always carry a bottle with me and b/c I have it I drink more. I always drink 1 cup of water before a meal to prevent over eating due to thirst.

  13. beddysheddy91 said :

    Absolutely drink alot of water with your meals…sip some after every bite.
    and yes, your body needs more water during vigorous activities like jogging, exercising, etc.

  14. Meghan said :

    Well start by having more than one bottle available, so you dont have to worry about refilling. But 7 bottles is probably too many and will leave you overhydrated, which can be a serious problem.

    And if you dont even have time for potty breaks, re-evaluate your career path. Sounds like you need to work on time management and prioritizing more.

  15. Cunning Linguist said :

    It’s recommended that you drink 8 cups of water a day. That’s eight 8oz servings. Are your bottles 16oz? If so, 7 is excessive.

    Try a Camelbak!

  16. saxophone lover 101!:) said :

    carry a water bottle around with you all day then you will end up drinking more and you harly ever noticed i started during this and it really worked but the only thing is it will make you have to go to the potty more theres no way around that 🙁

  17. Lindsey said :

    That’s a lot of water. Do you really want to have to go to the bathroom so much? Well, anyways, if you want to drink more water just pack lots of water bottles everywhere. Keep some at work, one in your purse, some in your car, lots at home, some in your office, your bedroom. Always be prepared. A great way to make water more appealing is adding those green tea pouches. There’s tons of flavours though and all them are very low calorie and a lot don’t even have any calories. 🙂

  18. Lexie G. said :

    i was like u but theni started to bring at least a bottle of water with me in the car… even on like 10 min. trips… now i cant stop drinking water
    hope this helped

  19. Mel-Mel said :

    i carry a nalgene bottle with me everywhere i go i fill it up 3 to 4 times a day. the best way to drink more water is to always have some on you also if you drink pop nest time you want one choose water instead

  20. joshTT said :

    camel pack

    Always have a bottle of water where you spend your time. When you are thirsty, it will always be there to grab. (in front of the computer, by the sofa, at your workplace, in your car)

  21. Dr. K Pierce said :

    Well I don’t know how big your water bottles are…but anyway.

    You only need to drink 3-4 32 oz. water bottles a day. Try to drink on while you get ready in the morning and eat breakfast. While you’re driving around etc. try to drink a second one by 1 pm ish. This shouldn’t increase your potty breaks too much. Then when you finally get home, drink another one before/after supper, and then if you have time, right before bed!!

  22. nerfy said :

    1-2 bottle a day is fine- i just read an article on msnbc that said the old myth of 8 glasses a day is just that a myth- if you want to drink more try to keep a bottle on your passenger seat and drink it at stop lights- or right when you get up drink a glass and a glass before bed

  23. Tyonka said :

    I usually buy lots of bottled waters. I find it a lot easier to keep some in your car, at your desk, etc.

    That way, you can grab and drink. I usually try to avoid using a cup or refillable containers because it takes too much time and is too much of a hassle to refill.

  24. kristine5190 said :

    try carrying a bottle with you everywhere you go, thats what i do. take one with you while youre driving in your car. even buy those really small bottles so that way you can fit it in your purse. just constantly take sips/gulps from the water bottles like when you’re at a red light or you’re waiting for something, etc. with drinking water of course comes potty breaks. but as long as youre not chugging bottles of water at a time, i think you should be fine. sure, you’ll have to use the restroom but that would only take 5 mins away from your day right? your body needs more water if you are engaging in any strenuous activity such as exercise, or in hot weather and if you are perspiring a lot. but throughout the day, just take sips of your water and make sure to have one with you at most times even in the car, if you want to increase your water intake. hope this helped.

  25. Megan L said :

    I work out so when I do rent a locker, I put a water bottle in my locker and I drink the whole thing when I’m done (gradually). I also keep water-bottles in my refridgerator and on my dressor. In my swim bags and other items that I carry around. Keep a water bottle NE where that U go that has to do with sports or heavy leighbor. I hope I helped!!!

  26. Rachel H said :

    take them on the go and drink them when you have free time to drink something or eat!

  27. Twice as Nice said :

    drink 2 8oz glasses int he morning. one when you get up, another after you shower. plan on peeing when you get to work. then take 5 mins at 10:30 to drink 8 oz. Drink water with lunch, instead of coffee/soda. Take another 5 mins at 2:30.

    Drink water with dinner. Drink another at 8 pm. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed.

    There’s your 64 ounces. Hopefully the 10:30 water can get peed out when you go to lunch, and the 2:30 water can get peed out before you head home from work.

    Good luck!

  28. Silver Thunderbird said :

    The best time to drink a lot of water is first thing in the morning and last thing at night… so, when you wake up, drink 1 or 2 glasses of water before you are able to leave the house. drink your 2 bottles during the day, and then, when you get home, drink another one. then, when you’re getting ready to go to sleep, drink one or two more glasses of water before you go to bed. That way, your ‘potty breaks’ stay mostly the same during the day, you just might have to wake up in the middle of the night until your body gets used to it.

    Also, if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. (8) 8oz portions of water is what your body requires to work every day. if you dont’ take it in, your body takes it out of your tissues and blood. How big are the bottles you’re using? are they the 20 oz bottles like aquafina or dasani? if thats the case, one of your bottles is already two and a half portions of water. you’d be doing great to just add a bottle of water in the morning and a bottle of water at night. 🙂

    If you’re losing weight or work a job or lifestyle where you burn a lot of calories and fat, your body creates a toxin from breaking down the fat stored in it. Water is the only way to flush this toxin out of your body, that’s why your thirsty during and after a workout, becuase your body is trying to flush those toxins out. You also burn fat while you sleep. That’s why you’re not supposed to eat after 7 pm or so, becuase it gives your body a chance to burn some fat while you’re sleeping, instead of having to burn the calories that are being broken down from a late dinner. that’s why some people wake up in the middle of the night thirsty.

  29. anoldmick said :

    We’ve recently realized that the decades-old doctor’s recommendation of eight glasses of water a day is not necessarily healthy. We now recommend about half that. Plain water, taken in amounts as great as eight glasses a day, can seriously unbalance the person’s body chemistry. If you were a serious athlete, and worked out hard several times a week or ran for an hour several times a week, you water needs will of course be different than that of a more sedentary person. But you could cause yourself serious difficulty if you drank only water. A drink like Gatorade is much better for you than plain water in such cases because it replaces vital minerals you lose when you perspire heavily – sodium, potassium, and chloride. You won’t need Gatorade or any of the other “sports drinks” every time you take a drink. But eight glasses of water a day – don’t do that to yourself. If all the harm you did to you was to give yourself severe stomach cramps, you’d be darn lucky.

  30. silverbullet said :

    Time is a function of priorities. I suspect you need to work on your time management skills and sort out the difference between activity and productivity.


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