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How can I drive accident free ?

Many people break road rules every time they take the wheel, regardless of knowing it and having a license. Disobeying the rules and guidelines of the road is the primary cause of accidents. Here are some tips for all drivers to make sure that every time a road accident occurs, it is not your fault.

Resist speeding even if someone burn and tear up the pavement right beside you. Just let them speed and keep driving slowly, let the faster cars pass you by. Try to plan your travel ahead of time like checking the weather to be able to leave earlier and get ahead of heavy rain or storm. Slow down if you catch yourself driving in a bad weather and try to stay on the safe side of the road, which is the lane with shallow ditch. Check your car’s lights and fluids to ensure it is in complete working order. It is best to bring extra oil and a jug of water along with roadside safety tools.

Do not forget to wear seatbelts before you drive and be a good model for your kids as they learn by watching you take cautions in driving. Allow other people to drive for you if you have been drinking. Your alcohol level may not be over the limit but it is definitely not worth finding out. Remember not to mix alcohol and driving at any circumstances.

Keep your distance from the car in front of you to have enough space, if ever you need to stop or change lanes. Always remember that the road space is enough for a given number of cars. It is advised to keep about one full car’s length to the car in front of you for emergency maneuvers.

Maximize all the mirrors in your car for they are installed with a purpose. You should be looking from mirror to mirror where you plan to go in. stay away from telephone poles, concrete, transformers and drainage pipes. Lastly, be calm when you drive, do not do anything that can aggravate someone else. Use dim lights when driving at night. Use your car signals, don’t just stop when you turn or pass for the purpose of hurrying.

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