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Does anyone know of an agency or grant to help pay car repair expenses?

I am a single mom right now and my car needs a thousand dollars worth of work done. Is there a grant or somewhere that will help pay for some of this cost? United way didn’t help either by the way.

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4 Responses to “Does anyone know of an agency or grant to help pay car repair expenses?”

  1. Starlight said :

    There are no grants or agencies that will help with this. Your only option is to try to borrow from family/friends or find a repair shop that does financing.

  2. TROJAN said :

    Sorry but there are no charities specifcally for single mom’s. Although you may have been deserted by the child’s father, society generally still views your situation as self created.
    If you can’t afford car repairs, you cannot really afford a car

  3. Landlord said :

    You will need to ask your family and friends for money, the tax payers are not repairing each others cars. I am really surprised you thought you income tax was being spent like that.

  4. Piggiepants said :

    Grants are not available for indivudal financial assistance, to buy a house, start a business, fix your car, or anything else you may have heard. You can see the US Government grants web site at

    Your options are limited. If you have contacted and failed at receiving assistance from all charities local to you, your next step would be to see if your local house of worship can help (assuming you are a regular member) – they might be able to put together a fundraiser to help you out. Or a member might be a car dealer willing to donate a new car.


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