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does anyone know a car repair company that does free repair estimates?

My 1994 ford explorer is having some sort of problem with the front right inner axle. I took it to Les schwab but they could not find the problem and even if they could they said that they do not repair axles. If anybody knows any place I can take it to get looked at that is not going to charge me 100 bucks let me know and I will post you as best answer! I live in Ogden Utah. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “does anyone know a car repair company that does free repair estimates?”

  1. Dan B said :

    This is what they will do. They will do a cursory look at the car, not extensive, and give you a best guess as to what needs to be done and the cost. Now, when you actually contract with them to do the work, they’ll give you a better estimate which may be a different story. They don’t make any money on free estimates, so they won’t go too deep into troubleshooting. If they did tell you what is needed, you might be tempted to do the job yourself or take it some place else for a cheaper price. Then they don’t make money from your job.

  2. Leslie said :

    Thanks DanI had the same question, I’m thinking about junking the car for cash if the repairs are to much, but thanks a lot.


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