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What vehicles will a car thief try to steal?

Will they go for Sports cars, luxury cars, 4x4s, or something else.

With today’s economy allot of people can’t afford a card so some will just resort to Grand theft auto.

So what type of car will a thief usually want to steal?
Don’t put down the video game Grand Theft Auto. Because it won’t get picked as best answer and will get a low rating.

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7 Responses to “What vehicles will a car thief try to steal?”

  1. crasey said :

    I know Hondas were once the most popular car for theft. Not sure if it still is.

  2. Hagar said :

    The one with the fullest gas tank. But like the above poster stated, Honda is suppose to be the highest rated stolen car.

  3. confusedandadvice said :

    Depends on the thief – a small thief who just wants drugs will steel anything and then career thiefs will go for luxury.

  4. Froggit said :

    The bigger more expensive 1s. the wouldn’t keep it though. the wude sell it and by a new 1. license plate. duh.

  5. DaCop88 said :

    Early 90s Honda Civics, Honda Accords, Toyota Camrys… anything that there’s a lot of on the road that can be chopped down quickly. Most car theives steal for the purpose of breaking down the vehicles and selling the parts. If a vehicle is stolen, it’s easy to recognize by VIN. If people are going to steal and use the vehicle, they’re probably just kids joy-riding.

  6. D-Dubb said :

    It has become a mix between what is valuable to steal and what is easiest to steal. Car thieves would love to steal higher priced cars, like mercedes and vintage american cars, but these vehicles usually carry state-of-the-art recovery systems that make it difficult to actually get away with the crime. They usually stick with cars like older Honda accords/civics, Toyota camry’s, etc.. because of their lack of alarms (or a high end alarms), ease of hot wiring, and their parts still fetch a decent price to the highest bidder.

  7. Teddy Bear said :

    Any REAL car thieve would love to get his hands on a BMW or a Lamborghini. But they are realists also. So they opt for the easiest cars. And by easy, I mean cars that are old and are beat down.


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