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What type of car would be perfect for a college girl driving on the freeway everyday?

My dad wants me to drive a big car (like an SUV) so I wouldn’t get hurt badly if I were ever in an accident on the freeway. But, I want a regular sedan that saves gas, saves on insurance, and that I can take to school everyday. My parents don’t want to hear about small cars passing with 5 star crash ratings because they think those are lies for people to buy small cars. What type of car would be perfect for a 5’4″ girl like me to drive to school everyday?

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7 Responses to “What type of car would be perfect for a college girl driving on the freeway everyday?”

  1. C said :

    a porche lol good luck

  2. Steven P said :

    honda accord

  3. Frank said :

    SUVs are more vulnerable to accidents than regular sedans because they are more unstable and can flip over with greater ease

  4. James said :

    alfa remao 159

  5. Aneda Bloaw said :

    I know you wanted a sedan, but for the greatest in safety, I would recommend a retired military Deuce and a half. I know it seems like overkill, but once you think about it, you will never have to worry about everyday fender benders, since the truck would usually roll straight over any other car. Plus the six wheel drive is great for snowy weather. Pair this up with a four point seat belt and DOT approved motorcycle helmet and you can take on anything.

  6. Ryan D said :

    Well to be honest with you, I don’t care what your driving, if your going 100 km/h if you crash your dead. And I think the most affordable car and safest and insurance friendly car is the new 2009 ford focus sedan. 13,000$CND I think. Well that’s my opinion.

  7. seattlesailor2000 said :

    take a look at the chevy malibu maxx lt. its a great car for smaller drivers because it has power drivers seat, adjustable foot pedals and tilt/telescoping steering wheel. my wife is 5′ tall and it fits her great, she loves to drive it. lots of other safety features including the fact that it weighs about 3,400lbs. its a 5 door sports wagon with fold down back and front passenger seat so there is lots of room to haul stuff and the back seat also reclines with good leg room for passengers.

    it drives like a sports sedan on the hwy thanks to its saab suspension system.

    even comes with heated front seats to keep you warm in the winter..

    200hp v6 that gets well over 30mph hwy (we get up to 35mpg)

    and it did get 5stars on the crash test (6 air bags)

    hope this helps


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