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What is on-board diagnosis ?

Since 1996, on-board diagnostic system is a required element in passenger vehicles. There a many reasons for on-board diagnosis, but the main reason is to allow the vehicle to check itself for emission problems. The Environmental Protection Agency launched a standard policy that all car owners must comply to and on-board diagnosis gives the car’s owner warning if there are potential emission problems with the car, which may violate the standards.

Cars with this certain feature have a light that turns on if service is needed. In addition, cars also have the capability to report or give information to the technician or mechanic that services the vehicle, making it easier for them to know the exact problem of the car. In most cars, on-board diagnosis does more work; it can tell and give out warning if car has potential problem on its mechanical or electrical system to avoid serious car problems.

On-board diagnosis has come a long way. Originally, it was made to indicate malfunction using a light, today, on-board diagnosis gives the car owners more accurate information on how to fix the vehicle. On-board diagnosis narrows down the extensive check or part change to fix a certain issue on the car. This decreases shop time for cars and less expense for the car owners.

Check your manual’s information further regarding on-board diagnosis of your car. it is best to ask professionals regarding the codes on the diagnostic issues while your car is under maintenance. You can ask technicians the exact problem and the actions needed to help you better understand how to care for your car.

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