What are some fuel saving devices ?

Talk about devices that will save fuel has become common especially during gasoline price hike. These devices are methods and gadgets that states to increase the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Actually, the truth about the matter is that there have been looking for ways on how to increase fuel economy since the invention of internal combustion in car engines.

With the invention of devices that claim to save fuel in an automobile, only those that are developed by the car manufacturer are proven to be successful. These inventions include hybrid cars, fuel injection technology and electrical motor assistance, as well as the car’s body design that makes it more aerodynamic. It is proven that it has always been easier to design a car to be more efficient than customizing an existing design to be efficient.

With all these innovation on how to make a car fuel efficient, there are still quite a few people who utilized retrofitted fuel saving devices to maximize gas mileage. Even if the use of the device may end up giving harmful effect on the car or on fuel economy, people still uses these devices.

Perhaps the most common fuel saving devices is fuel additives like magnesium, tin and platinum. These are added to the fuel, which causes the density of the fuel to increase. Acetone can also be used as fuel additive; however, it has been known to damage the engine system’s plastic parts. Another method to increase fuel efficiency is the vapor transfer device. It works by altering the conversion of the fuel into vapor. These devices consists heater that causes increase turbulence.

With over 100 fuel efficiency devices out in the United States, the EPA or the United States Environmental Protection Agency only approved less than 10 of them. It was proved that the most effective fuel efficiency device is the most basic one. This includes keeping your car in a good condition, taking off unnecessary weight in the trunk and merging trips.

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