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Negotiating and Purchasing a car – How do you get a great price on an already good priced car?

I am looking at a nice used car (2006 Volvo S40 with 35k miles on it). It is priced right on for mid-low retail (13,000) and is on the showroom floor of a used car dealer. I don’t want to pay there asking price, although it is advertised as having been reduced. Very nice car, how would you recommend I get the price down $1000 or so?

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2 Responses to “Negotiating and Purchasing a car – How do you get a great price on an already good priced car?”

  1. Eric said :

    Check out what says that it’s worth. Make them an offer and be willing to walk out of the dealership. If you do walk, give them your number and tell them to call if they change thier minds.

  2. milly.milltown said :

    I went to a Karrass Negotiation seminar a couple years ago, and their negotiation “techniques” have really stuck with me. When it comes to buying a used car, these are the ones that I remember as being the easiest to use…

    Ask the dealer if that’s the best they can do, that you’re ready to buy the car, but you just can’t go over 12,000, is there anything they can do to help you out? If they stick firm with the 13,000, or only drop it a little, ask for concessions, free oil changes/maintenance, car washes, different payment plans, etc. that’ll make it worth it to you but won’t cost them much.

    Testing the Price – look at the price and say to yourself: “That’s the most the seller or merchant wants. I wonder what the least they will take is?” Even in a big name store you can ask for a price reduction, because if you don’t ask you certainly will not get it. You may not get an outright reduction, but you may try to get some concessions. (

    Nibbling – In sales, nibbling is effective because most sellers don’t want to lose out on a sale over small things. They are willing to throw in what the buyer is asking at cost or free in order to close the deal. (

    Best of luck!


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