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What car can I get at a good price used and in good condition?

Every few weeks I make 400 mile trip. I need something with good trunk space since I will have baby gear and luggage in the back. I really need good gas mileage and a safe car. I want this car to last for years.

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2 Responses to “What car can I get at a good price used and in good condition?”

  1. It'sSupercharged!2000 said :

    Look at your local dealership. You can find tens of thousands of cars that meet your criteria. Most used cars are in pretty good shape, and the price is usually acceptable. Just go out and search for one.

  2. Brandon said :

    It should be 4-door, 4-cyls, not sporty. I would prefer Honda or Toyota… First time drivers usually have much more expensive car insurance, and it depends from car. You should compare insurance rates while choosing the car – for example here –


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