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My macbook wont start up and has an apple sign with a loading circle, what does this mean?

The middle of the screen has an apple sign, with a loading circle beneath it. What can i do myself to fix this problem. Do i need to go to the apple store? And possibly get a new mac book?

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7 Responses to “My macbook wont start up and has an apple sign with a loading circle, what does this mean?”

  1. Joshua S said :

    No. Just hold down the power key to turn the computer off. Then take out the battery and hold down the power button for five seconds. Then put it back in and turn the macbook on. If it still doesn’t work, something may be wrong with the processor.

  2. Berrex said :

    Turn it on and leave it going for about an hour, checking in on it every so often. If you just recently updated your computer through Software Update, it can make your computer start up pretty slowly, but it will only happen on the first boot up. If this isn’t the case, and your computer doesn’t boot up after that hour, take it in to an Apple Store to be fixed.

  3. megan s said :

    I don’t have a clue. But this may help you, so you should try it out. Maybe the computer is just having problems. You should take out the battery and put it back into restart the computer. Hope it works, Its the best help I could say :]

  4. Nick said :

    I think it crashes…forever. But I don’t know because i don’t own a Macintosh. I want one though…

  5. Kahless said :

    Try starting up from the MacOs X DVD that came with the Mac. Insert the DVD, hold down the “c” key on a restart. If it starts up then run the disk utility program and have it repair your hard disk & repair permissions.

  6. ISBN51499 said :

    Resolve startup issues and perform disk maintenance with Disk Utility and fsck

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