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How to seal an old concrete pond and what with?

Porbably 80 yr old pond, came with house. Has a crack, not too far down, think I can seal with hydrolic, waterproof patch compound. Want to seal pond with something that isn’t harmful, in case I want to add fish later or if neighborhood animals sneak in and drink. Pipe to resevoir (has a waterfall) comes out near the bottom, so a liner would need to be punctured there. Also because of the wall at the waterfall, and at the bridge (all one piece with the pond) there would be no where for the liner to go, ie just stick up in those 3 areas, so I think the liner would probably be a bad idea. Any products mentioned in searches, I can’t find, or are $100 or more.
Seen acrylic concrete sealers, doesnt say if ok for ponds though. Also one search doesn’t work well. Have HD and Lowes nearby, but no one there knows.
Pond: 14 ft long kidney shaped, 1.5 ft deep, 1.5 ft wide up to waterfall area, then expands to 2 1/4 ft deep and 4 feet wide. Approx 350 gallons.


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4 Responses to “How to seal an old concrete pond and what with?”

  1. robuttox said :

    It depends on how long and wide this crack is. I know that GOOP would seal it. GOOP is a great glue (and sealant). It bonds anything forever and is a great sealant also. A tube costs around $4 at a homecenter. Regular GOOP would work, but they also make different types of GOOP such as plumbing/ marine. You’d have to check around a few home centers before you found it though. It dries in an hour or so, but you want to let it dry 2-3 days before getting it wet.

  2. John L said :

    If you can get access to the crack the best way to seal it is with a waterproof cement available at builders merchants and it won’t do any harm to wild life, if the crack is a fine hair line crack open it up a little to give the cement some depth and something to hold on to, this should provide a good seal, keep the concrete slightly damp for one or two days to allow it to cure, if it dries out too quick it will not hold , this is a mistake made by many DIYer’s and they wonder where they went wrong.

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