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How do I make my car germ proof for my to be born baby ?

My husband works in a job where he has to transport clients in his car who are unclean and don’t take care of their hygiene. Some of them are even street people. My husband does use a car seat cover to protect the seats. We are having a baby in three months and I am very concerned about transporting our baby in our car. We can only afford one car and it is a part of my husband’s job to have clients in his car. Any suggestions to take utmost care in prevention of germs or infections via car. Many thanks for any suggestions.

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6 Responses to “How do I make my car germ proof for my to be born baby ?”

  1. wydodido said :

    First, your husband has to start spraying those people with lysol before they get in his car.
    you can get your car professionally cleaned then sprayed with lysol but still your husband will transport these people so i really don’t see how can you keep it clean. i don’t think you can make it germ free. good luck!

  2. Maggie said :

    As the other poster said – even if you sanitize now, your husband is going to continue to carry these people in his car, and it will just get unsanitary again. It would be like spraying on extra perfume instead of taking a shower.

  3. Tiss said :

    With your baby traveling in a safety seat, he or she shouldn’t have much contact with the actual car. Just don’t leave the baby seat in the car, when your husband is working. It shouldn’t be a huge problem. I like to carry around some handi-wipes in my car. They come in a box, and are individually wrapped in foil packets. I use them after I go grocery shopping, because the handles of the shopping carts are full of germs. They are anti-bacterial, and you could do a quick wipe down of the door handles, seat belt buckles, etc. Try not to worry too much. Most germs can’t live very long on surfaces. Good luck!

  4. mommy_2_bella said :

    instead of using chemicals to clean, try using vinegar and lemon. it disinfects, but is not harmful to you or baby. the chemicals in lysol, etc have harmful fumes.
    you can also vacuum the upholstery with a mixture of baking soda and borax.

    i recommend cleaning the car out at least once a week. before any rides with baby, do a quick wipe down with a vinegar spray. (you can put an essetial oil of your choice so there’s no vinegar smell…my fave is lavendar and tea tree oil)

    it’s also easy to make your own wipes…
    * fill a tupperware container with water.
    * add some of baby’s shampoo.
    * add a few drops of lavendar and/or tea tree oil for scent
    and antibaterial treatment.
    * add Viva paper towels (or baby washcloths) in container.

    lavendar and tea tree oil are also great for antibacterial or antifungal treatments…you can add it to anything you need to be antibacterial or antifungal…naturally

  5. buterfly_2_lovely said :

    There is no way to “germ proof” your car. Even if you sanitized every surface, in 7 minutes, it would be teeming with bacteria again.

    If the interior of the car doesn’t have an odor it should be fine. (I agree to take the care seat out inbetween!)

    If the interior of the car has an odor try “Ozium” I think it is called. It is an air sanitizer/freshener that is hopsital strength. I think it is available in little cans at WalMart type stores in the auto section.

    I’m glad to see you’re concerned about your baby’s health. You’ll be a great parent. (Just remember to let him/her get dirty and be a kid – germs aren’t all bad!) Congrats and good luck.

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