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How can i go about taking my car down to a different dealership to exchange it ?

I make monthly payments on my car and i was wondering if i take it down to a different dealership could i exchange cars. The dealer that sold me the car said that if i ever decide to exchange my car that i could not bring it back down to that dealership but i could bring it down to any of my choice, Recently i have been thinking of exchanging my car how would i go about doing so ?

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7 Responses to “How can i go about taking my car down to a different dealership to exchange it ?”

  1. Paul said :

    They lied. You cannot “exchange” it ANYWHERE. They will take it in on trade, but you will be cheated and end up paying a LOT of money.

  2. Roy S said :

    the dealer is basically telling you that they cant help you with out getting into specifics.

    You cannot just go and exchange for another vehicle.

    since you now have a loan on the vehicle if you bought it new, its now considered used and worht less than what you paid for it.

    the only thing you can do is go to any dealer and try to trade it in for the new vehicle you want and see what th ecost difference per month is going to be. You need to contact the lender and get a current vehicle payoff amount and see what the trade value would be vs how much you owe.

    If you owe significantly more than what the vehicle is worth then it would be very difficult to change vehicles.

    either your payments would increase a great deal

    you would have to put a large amount down to cover the difference

    or the amount difference would be too great and you would not be able add that amount onto the new vehicle.

  3. nj2pa2nc said :

    you go to the dealer-you pick out a car. The dealer then looks over your car and gives you a price that they will give you. If the price is lower than the balance of the loan they will add that balance to the next car loan. Dealers do not just exchange cars unless you have something in writing. I think it would be better for you to just keep the car.

  4. k19widowmaker said :

    I’m sorry to be the one that tells you this, but you have been deceived. There is no such thing as an exchange for a car unless you are willing to take a loss. Whenever you trade a car in to a dealership you are giving it away for much less than the car is usually worth. The only reason I would say to trade in your car would be to use that as a small down payment on a brand new car.

    I would tell you to check Kelly Blue Book prices for your car and sell it back to the dealer for that but odds are you are upside down on your loan(meaning you owe more than the car is worth.) I would advise you keep your car and pay it off unless you can sell it to someone that is willing to pay off the remaining amount you owe.

    Car dealers have no way to exchange a vehicle so I would very upset if I heard that from a salesman. Dealers can purchase a vehicle off of you but usually only to get you to buy a more expensive car than you already had that almost always makes them money and you loose money.

  5. mccoyblues said :

    This is a free country last time I checked. You have the right to do business with any car dealer on the planet if you so choose.

    But the other person is correct. You don’t “EXCHANGE” your car, you trade it in. Any new or used car dealer will make you an offer to buy your car. Then you make them an offer to buy theirs. The balance of the transaction ( the price difference between your car and theirs) needs to be worked out in cash or with a loan.

    Part of that transaction must include paying off your existing loan.

  6. gotwheels3ne said :

    Ok, this is Precious. As a car dealer the first thing I have to ask is, How bad are you or did he put you upside down in your car loan. There are several reasons a car dealer wouldn’t want you to trade a car at his place that he sold you. First is he sold you a car that nobody but you wanted. Second it’s a piece of garbage. Third, he buried you so deep in the car that he can’t you financed or can’t even come close to a decent trade value. Neither one of these scenarios are good., You can trade your car in just about anywhere as long as you get real money for your trade and not roll your loan over, then all your doing is digging a bigger hole.

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