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Can i jump start car by taking off someone elses battery?

Here is the problem. In about few days I should be receiving my car that has bad battery. The thing is that it will be coming on a big truck that usually has 3-4 cars on the bottom and about same on top. When truck gets here I need to be able to start battery to get car down to the ground. This is the reason I cannot simply jump start from another car.

So I was wondering I can take battery off my friend’s car and use it to jump start it that way? After I do that, will it work on his car?

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9 Responses to “Can i jump start car by taking off someone elses battery?”

  1. Joe said :

    yes you should be able to do this with a charged battery, and then most cars will run without the battery also once its started so you should be good.

  2. Karle said :

    yes works most of the time…in some cases u may have to install the battery in ur new car and then remove it after u get car off the truck……

    usually won’t drain enough juice to make a difference either way… some cases where it takes a lot of tries to get it to start u will need to charge the battery b4 putting it back in ur friends vehicle…

    same thing as a jump box….but battery usually works a lot better than a jump box…..

    EDIT @ the retard above me….NEVER run a vehicle without a battery…..can fry every electrical part on the car and even catch on fire…..battery works as a resistor in the system to prevent electrical surges……..also most modern cars will shut off if battery not hooked up for safety reasons….

  3. Garrett said :

    If you connect jumper cable to a battery, in or out of a car, and then connect them to the terminals that are hanging in your car, that should work as if the battery was in your car. Just a longer cable. Once disconnected it will shut off needless to say.

  4. Dubidiocho said :

    The person driving the truck will unload the vehicle and he will have a booster for starting. They deal with that stuff every day and he won’t allow you to climb on board his truck for insurance reasons.

  5. gee-man said :


  6. ricardo9505 said :

    not sure why Joe got a thumbs down but he’s right. U only need the battery to start the car. once started remove battery and place new one in with car running then let it sit for a few mts to charge the dead battery- assuming it will take the charge. or take you rbattery to a local parts store for a charge- $5-10. we did that at my old parts store all teh time.

  7. ssg/emt said :

    You can use a charged battery to start a car whether it’s in or out of another vehicle.

    If you run a modern car and remove the battery while its running, you may cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the electrical system, not worth the risk.

    Since you already know the battery is bad, buy a good battery, charge it, and install it when the car arrives. that way it will be in the car and you won’t have to worry about removing someone else’s battery.

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