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Has anyone ever had experience being able to make payments on large car repair bill?

I believe I am probably facing a large repair bill and have no money. I wondered if anyone has ever tried to work out a payment plan with either the dealer or the garage when it comes to paying? I’ve never had to do this before. Thanks for help.

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7 Responses to “Has anyone ever had experience being able to make payments on large car repair bill?”

  1. CHARLES R said :

    I know the GM dealer I used to go to had a service to give loans to people to cover car repairs.

    Ensure you get a quote not an estimate on the bill. They might be able to give you a break on labour if you’re willing to have a junior staff member work on it.

  2. flea said :

    You can only ask.. A few locations will float the bill and take payments. Put your hat in your hand. Ask to see a manager. Be ready to tell them how much per week you can pay. If it’s been a good day he ‘may’ say OK

  3. Allison R said :

    I used to manage a shop and it’s looked down upon. Sometimes we allowed it and it went over well, and other times we got screwed over so we tried to do it less. My suggestion is start saving now. They may say that you can make payments but that you cannot have the car back until they are paid in full. Make sure you talk it out before any work is done! Do not ask them to do the work and then tell them later that you cannot pay them. Please be honest with them and maybe they’ll work with you, but they have to know that you’re good for it.

  4. Opa said :

    Yes it depends on the dealership you have servicing your automobile.
    If you are a repeat customer to a specific dealership and in good standing with them .They might consider payments. I had to ask for that type of help and they obliged me by a monthly payment plan charged to my credit card so I wouldn’t have to pay interest on the bill.

  5. Showtunes said :

    If they dont, most offer a credit card that theyll do no interest on for 6 months or so-you can get one of those instead.

  6. mister ss said :

    use a credit card or go to the bank and borrow the money on monthly payments.

  7. Myrtie Armlin said :

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