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Why does my car have an intermittent judder?

Two weeks ago I had the front driver tyre changed and ever since I’ve had an intermittent judder @ 70mph. I think that the tyre change is a red herring as I have subsequently had all my wheels balanced, the car has been tracked and all tyres have been swapped around to establish if any of them were faulty. I reckon that the judder is a mechanical failing but what could be the cause of it, will it be expensive to rectify and could it be dangerous? It is a 55 diesel fiesta.

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6 Responses to “Why does my car have an intermittent judder?”

  1. superliftboy said :

    Maybe the engine is mis-firing and maybe the cam belt needs changing because its sliiping

  2. ascoile said :

    I would suggest a brake caliper needs adjustment or possibly a steering joint


  3. Joe Kool said :

    Had a similar problem on a Skoda Felicia. Swapping the front and rear tyres fixed it (after splashing out on balancing and tracking to no avail). Changed tyres and it came back again. Thing was I had part worn fitted. This time I bit the bullet and had new tyres all round and haven’t had a problem since.

  4. CLIVE H said :

    There are two main types of tyre – cross tread and radial. If three of your tyres are radial and you put on one cross, this causes judder and becomes very noticeable at higher speeds.

    Check all of your tyres and ensure they are all the same type.

    Having different types of tyre fore and aft on a motorbike is positively suicidal.

  5. johno said :

    wheel bearing, shocks or engine mount bushes……it wont cost a lot to have these checked at least 🙂

  6. Tam Darvin said :

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