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What weight should I start with for weight training?

I’m 14 and I can’t do any push-ups because my arms are too weak, so I’ve decided to start weight training with dumbbells. I have 7 pound ones and I bought a light resistance band. Should I get heavier weights or can I just use the ones I have?

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6 Responses to “What weight should I start with for weight training?”

  1. TheGIRLwhoNEEDShelp(: said :

    Nope… attcully you wont need a dumbbell.. like my brother.. he uses chair to train his hand … i have 2 plastic chairs its kinda light when you use 2 hand to carry but i tried using 1 hand .. its heavy….

    so gd luck ^^

  2. Amanda E said :

    If you can’t do any push ups, then that’s the exercise you NEED to do. That’s obviously the muscle group you don’t use regularly, and that’s why it’s your weak spot. Start with one push up (yes just one, do it on your knees if you have to), then the next day do two, the next day do three, etc..

    Oh and if you’re too weak to do a push up, 7 lbs dumbbells are probably too heavy.

  3. crazyforgir said :

    Im 14 Also I Use 10 Pounders

  4. beverz said :

    do push ups on ur knees

  5. tonyt said :

    i would start with little wait you dont need much if you have never weight trained.

  6. Lauren <3 said :

    I would use the 7 pounders, just start with a little bit if curls and work your way up

    Lauren <3


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