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What is the best workout routine to become more fit?

I want to find the best workout routine to become fit. I need a routine that will make me more a little more muscular, flexibel, etc.
I need a routine that will make me more athletic.

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One Response to “What is the best workout routine to become more fit?”

  1. Foof said :

    This is a very broad question, and difficult to answer. You will most likely want to incorporate the following:

    — Daily Cardio

    Cardio is the best thing you can do to lose weight and increase your general health.

    — Nutrition Overhaul

    Proper nutrition is absolutely crucial to any exercise program. Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or simply just improve your health, proper nutrition is critical.

    — Weekly Muscle Workouts

    If you are looking for overall muscle development, you should work each muscle group 1-2 times a week (abs every day). I do arms on Monday and Friday, Legs on Tuesday, Chest on Wednesday, and my Shoulders and Back on Thursday. It’s important to work the muscles correctly so that you’re sore the next day in those muscle groups, but not sore after 2 days.

    To get the desired results, you will need to do Reps and Sets. Generally, a Rep is one movement (one pushup). A set is a group of Reps, and usually you do enough Reps until you can’t do anymore. For pushups, I generally do 15 (very slowly) the first set, until I can’t do another. Then I wait 2-3 minutes and do 13-14 on the 2nd set (because I can’t do 15 again). Then 12-13, then 11-12, then 10.

    I do 5 sets each time I work out, and at the end, your muscles should feel stretched and stiff. The next day, you will feel sore. The following day you may be a little tender, but should not be in any pain. It’s important to give yourself at least 3 days between workouts to allow your body to heal. This is when your body builds the muscle; when it’s repairing the damage.

    When exercising, make sure you are making slow, precise, and focused movements, working the muscles you are targeting, and only those muscles.

    Consistency, determination, control, and posture are paramount. If you do sloppy, fast exercises, you will not see any progress, and you risk personal injury or joint pain.

    For at-home workouts, I strongly recommend going to Youtube and taking a look at the videos posted by user Scooby1961. Very easy at-home workouts, and tons of very useful information for beginners.


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