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What is the best wii fit game to loose weight?

My husband and I are going to buy a Wii Fit and we want to get in shape. What are some games for the wii fit that are energetic and will help to loose some weight? I’m not expecting for it to help us drop major lbs but we want to get in shape. Any ideas? We are thinking about the biggest loser. Anyone try that?

Please just list the games and explain why. Please don’t tell me to go to the gym. I want wii fit games only. Thank you!!

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6 Responses to “What is the best wii fit game to loose weight?”

  1. Flora said :

    Wii fit + really is amazing! You can put an eating plan on it, it gives you tips, tells you how many calories you should be eating and how many you’ve burned etc. It’s second best to a personal trainer! I really advise it 🙂 It also shows how much energy each of the games on it take so that is a way to see which games get you into shape quickest.
    I was 128lb’s and dropped to 120lb’s using that and a healthy diet obviously. I LOVE it! I don’t get bored either – I burn my 100 calories each day and still want more at the end! You can also make your own personal plan tailored to what you want to do – eg. Trim thighs, tum and bum or increase balance or muscle etc. It’s soooooo good!

    Hope this helps and enjoy! 🙂

  2. M said :

    I really like EA Sports Active: More Workouts. There are many different Wii fit games that I have used, but the EA sports have been easy to keep on track, I always look forward to working out.

  3. K ann said :

    I recommend you buy Wii Fit or Wii fit plus and do aerobics, they are tons of fun and help you stay fit while having fun it is about $90 if you already have the balnce board the game is only about $20.
    Hope I helped!

  4. Lisa said :

    My personal favorites are Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout and EA Sports Active. You don’t need the balance board for these. Wii exercise games have definitely helped me get into shape. I liked Biggest Loser because it had a lot of great exercises, but it got a little repetitive for me plus I don’t like doing a lot of floor exercises like push ups, which it had. Here is a good breakdown of Wii fitness games

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