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What is the best way to insure a car when you own moe than one?

I own one car and insure it through Esure. However, I’m purchasing a new car and keeping my old one. I need to insure me new car but how do I go about this because they will ask for proof of by no claims, which I won’t have until me policy is up (not until Dec). Thanks.
I have four years no claims. Sorry for confusion.

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6 Responses to “What is the best way to insure a car when you own moe than one?”

  1. Lightbulb said :

    Multicar! Multicar! Admiral Multicar!

  2. mickey m said :

    i would get a quote from someone like admiral on there multicar policy , and also a quote from esure on the new car , might work out cheaper to write the 4 months no claims off and start again

  3. Snakeman ! said :

    I agree with the other two !

    Admiral are the best known for a multi-car policy !

  4. [email protected] said :

    I’m not sure what you’re getting at. You will have to insure both unless you are taking the old one off the road, and whichever company you use they will automatically check with your old company to see what your no claims is. Do you mean that your old car is your first car and haven’t acheived any no claims until the first year is up, if so you will have to wait. The best way to insure two is through the same company as sole driver of both with limited mileage on each.

  5. jason c said :

    It all comes down to the cost, Multi car from Admiral is good but I found that when I came to renew the premium had gone up. So I shopped around and found that it was cheaper to insure the three car’s with the post office.

  6. dieterzakas said :

    Put the new car on the same policy as your existing one. Generally speaking, insurers will give you a multi-vehicle discount for this; ask Esure.


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