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What is the best way to get fit for the british army?

I have recently quit smoking and starting to get fit ready to apply for the british army. I have been given various fitness techniques and was planning to follow the army’s fitness program but it looks abit complicated and its not very well explained. I just wanted to know whats the best conditioning program for an ex-smoker, also what is the best way to succsessfully complete the 1.5mile run within the given time, do you do it fast, or slow at first then faster? whatever is the best technique to complete it.

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2 Responses to “What is the best way to get fit for the british army?”

  1. Daniel B said :

    run and exercise lift weights

  2. Amy__X said :

    if you go on the army website, they have tips on exercise.

    i did a public services course in college, i did running around a track 6 times in under 12 minutes for one and i did a bleep test, you can download the bleep test on your ipod.

    the 1.5 mile run is the track i meant.

    Good luck! there is plenty of resources online! email me if you want more tips 🙂


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