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What are the different tyre gauges ?

One simple device to calculate the air pressure in automobile’s tires is a tire gauge. The measurements are usually in PSI or pounds per square inch. Normally, car manufacturers encrypted the normal PSI level of the tire’s pressure on the tire itself along with the PSI chart on the side door panel. After the air pressure is measured, it can now be compared to the chart and adjustment can be made to reach the exact amount of air pressure in tires. The tire’s air pressure can dramatically affect the car’s handling. Underinflated tires may be harder to maneuver.

There are numerous forms of tire gauge. The most common type is actually in a form of a ballpoint pen with a clip for shirt pockets. This tire gauge has an opening on the tip, which is pressed directly on the tire’s inflation valve. As the user applies pressure on the tire gauge, some of the tire’s air escapes but this does not affect the result of the air gauge that much.

The other end on the air gauge includes a plastic tube with calibration marks that indicate pound of air pressure. The air escaping from the tire pushes the plastic tube on a predetermined rate. After the tube stays still, the user can now read the mark on the tube, which is the exact air pressure of the tire in PSI. If the recommended PSI was not reach by the tire’s air pressure, increase or decrease of air pressure is necessary, depending on the read PSI.

Another type of tire gauge can be seen on gas stations or automobile service centers. This type of air gauge is free to use for all motorists. There is air hose needed to be connected to each valve stem. If the air pressure is too low, the motorist needs to insert coins to add air on the tires.

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