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What are some weight loss tips for picky eaters?

I am an extremely picky eater. I don’t like many of the foods that you would consider “diet” food. It’s hard for me to lose a good amount of weight without basically starving myself. My success stories of losing weight in the past are eating one meal a day, but that is not an option anymore. When I work out, I lose weight, but not fast enough to suit me. Does anyone have any advice? I’m probably asking for a lot, considering I’m so picky.


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3 Responses to “What are some weight loss tips for picky eaters?”

  1. Arabel D said :

    Exercising and diet are vital while shedding weight, but just as vital is the need to flush out your insides. There will be up to twenty lbs of additional weight in there that is NOT body fat, Luckily this can be rinsed out with ease with a brand new supplement offered on a risk free trial at Give it a go – I did, and lost 17 lbs!!!

  2. crazysk8tr15 said :

    picky eaters can lose weight too its all about restricting some calories, like cut out 500 calories a day and you’ll see yourself losing a pound a week

    Also check out this blog for great advice on nutrition and fitness:

  3. Anadriel said :

    I am also a picky eater. What I do is eat the foods I like but in smaller portions and more frequently.
    I eat small, 300 calorie portions every few hours. It helps keeps my blood sugar steady and puts my metabolism to work. I started doing this last month, and along with some full-body workouts, I’ve lost 10 lbs.


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