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What are some good ways to get fit for teens?

My friend and I are both looking into getting fit. Neither of us are big into running or sports, and in all honesty, we’d much rather spend our time on the computer. I know that I personally like things that are a little flexible; things where I don’t need to time myself or count how many steps or miles or whatever. I’m alright with biking, but not when it’s cold, and I like some variety in my workouts, and my friend doesn’t have a bike, so biking won’t include both of us.

Thank you for your answers.

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5 Responses to “What are some good ways to get fit for teens?”

  1. Mrs.Fine said :

    Sounds like you might enjoy yoga. Don’t limit yourself on exercises ideas, though. ANYTHING that gets you active is fine. Here is a list to get you thinking:

    raquet ball
    martial arts
    belly dancing
    rock climbing
    kick boxing
    roller blading/ roller skating/ skateboarding or whatever is “in” now
    lifting weights
    ballroom dancing
    start a dog-walking business

    Many YMCA’ s or community centers offer classes in these things. Congratulations on taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle! Just get your heartrate up (make sure you start sweating!) for at least 45 minutes 5 days per week. Have fun and good luck!

  2. NEED HELP FAST said :

    personally i use ab-does xtreme
    it’s works well
    if u are rdy to sweat and lost weight
    p.s. that’s how i get my flat abs

  3. goodsumthing369 said :

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  4. godschild said :

    do yoga and streches together
    you can lift weights and jump rope

  5. Nenita Whan said :

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