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What are some exercises to lose fat on my thighs?

I have a really important soccer game coming up and I would like to lose a little fat on my thighs to be lighter and more agile. I know that I cannot target a certain spot so could someone tell me some very simple exercises to lose fat that mostly includes the thighs? All answers are appreciated.

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2 Responses to “What are some exercises to lose fat on my thighs?”

  1. Mary said :

    ride your bike. i used to have thunder thighs and have to buy larger pants because of them , but then i started having to ride my bike to school and back on fridays and that’s like 7 miles, just after a few fridays, i could wear smaller pants 😀

  2. FRANK!E said :

    This works for the thighs as well as the legs, and it’ll give you more strength to move around and really kick that ball: do the same set of lunges on each leg a couple times a day and the thighs will be looking good in no time. In case ou don’t know how to do lunges, ask a friend, adult, or your coach.


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