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What are shock absorbers ?

All moving vehicles include a support system, which has an important part called “shocks”. These shocks help in minimizing wear and tear on vital parts, while providing additional comfort for passengers. All types of shock absorbers work using hydraulics. However, no single type of shock is suitable for all vehicles; shocks come in five different types.

Generally, a shock absorber is filled with gas or fluid, which is needed in absorbing the movements of support springs properly. As such, the movement of shocks depends largely on the support system’s springs. Shocks also exert pressure on tires, keeping them on the road firmly. Shocks help in balancing the load of vehicles, resulting in a balanced wear on tires and providing passengers with better comfort while on the road.

Due to the number of vehicles available today, there are also dozens of types of shocks to choose from, depending on the needs of a particular vehicle. Standard shock absorbers are configured to fit general passenger cars, but trucks and other vehicles requiring a larger load requires heavy-duty shocks. Some commercial vehicles feature an automatic control shock, which helps in controlling shock in order to compensate for varying load adjustments. Automatic shocks are very useful in trucks that make daily deliveries.

Powerful vehicles like long-haul trucks can benefit from adjustable air shocks, which help in providing better stability needed for heavy or fragile loads. However, some of the biggest vehicles need to install overload shocks, especially when transporting extremely heavy loads.

All types of shocks are available in auto parts stores. Installation and replacement usually require an hour or so. To ensure proper stability of your vehicles, it is best to get shocks examined at least once a year. Replacements should also be made at least every 4 to 6 years.

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