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Trustworthy and reasonable independant car mechanic/repair shops in York Region?

I am looking for a good car repair shop preferably in and around Markham, Thornhill and Richmond Hill. Its for a Civic, its not for one specific problem, but the main reason is I am looking for a place I can go and avoid the big names who don’t always take care or do a good job.

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One Response to “Trustworthy and reasonable independant car mechanic/repair shops in York Region?”

  1. J A said :

    I go to one in south Etobicoke….but what has worked for me in the past is to call places for free estimates. Get at least 3…then you can see if one looks like they are ‘padding’ the bill or who looks fair. Also ask about warranties on both parts and labor (since anyone can get parts, but having them put in properly is just as important)
    I have also used both small garages and big name ones, and have had both good and bad experiences at both. It reallt just depends on the individual mechanics (though, I would avoid crappy tire, since I have always had bad experiences there….but have had good at Green and Ross….)
    Good luck.


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